Protection Hair Tie Set of Talisman, Evil Eye + Hamsa Rhinestone Charms

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Set of 5 hair ties with two charm talismans will help keep unnecessary bad vibes away. One being the evil eye and one being the hamsa hand rhinestone metal charms. Pair with our crystal gemstone bracelets to create the ultimate #flhairstacks

One size fits most. You will receive the set exactly as shown in the main photo. I have designed the sticker label for the top of the package and is ready to gift even if it is just for yourself.

Whether you believe in this sort of thing or not, these are pretty bracelets and hair ties you can wear on your wrist or your hair in a twist.

We also have a quick breakdown of the symbols and what they mean below:

As a protective symbol, the evil or all seeing eye, wards against evil and protects the wearer from harm.

The Hamsa is stylized with two symmetrical thumbs. Either form may be displayed with the fingers pointing up or down. The center of the hand often contains further symbols. It is also interpreted as a peace symbol for modern day wearers.

The number 5 (for the 5 hair ties in this set is for added protection). It is believed combining the three together will help ward off evil from the person wearing the symbols.

The charms are plated meaning if they are worn in water, oil, lotions, etc. it will cause the metal to wear. Rhinestones are bonded to the metal and if not carefully taken care of they will come loose.