Emma + Flhair Hair Oil Condition Lite 50ml

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this condition lite oil is used for just that, conditioning in a lighter formula.  Made with organic cold pressed oils, pure essential oils + raw crushed crystals, give your scalp and hair the most luxurious treatment.

Ingredients include: coconut oil, sweet almond oil, vitamine, roman chamomile essential oil, manuka essential oil, vanilla essential oil and flourite crushed crystals.

benefits of the oil includes: 
coconut oil: helps penetrate + reduce protein loss in hair.
sweet almond oil: helps hydrate both scalp and hair strands, add shine. Vitamin e oil: antioxidant supports hair growth + healthy scalp. chamomile essential oil: helps with irritation + sensitive skin, can lighten hair. Manuka essential oil: antibacterial and helps nourish scalp. Vanilla essential oil: helps promote hair growth, helps keep hair silky + shiny. Crushed flourite crystals: all purpose healing stone. 

Uses for this oil: hair treatment + moisturizer, oil pre-cleanse (not for eye area), natural skin moisturizer, bath oil , massage oil and cuticle oil.

Not sure which hair oil is best for you? Need a small self care gift for you or a special friend? Try our sample packs in the shop! 

each pack will come with information cards in how to use our items, ingredients and the benefits of each ingredient. Do not ingest or use the crushed crystals. Not evaluated by the FDA. Not used to cure scalp problems. If you have a scalp problem, please consult with a physician for medical treatment. As with any new product, please patch test first. Please read precaution card attached in mailer.