Babe Mail - I Miss Your Face Box of Flhair - 3 Pack Coils

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Let's be honest, we miss our friends. Being a creative myself, I wanted to send my besties some happy mail during this quarantine that had a simple, affordable item and a little note to say how much I missed them. Then the idea was born - Babe Mail - for you to do the same. 

Happy Mail or as we call it here, Babe Mail is important, it helps brighten someone’s day. A little something simple that can really lift someone's mood. I know when I get a little something, even if it is a card, it absolutely makes my day! 

This listing includes: A box with crinkle filler, a 3 pack coil, a card that we designed that says "I Miss Your Face..." in a cute box that will be personalized with their name and a happy mail sticker. You will need to provide an address to your bestie as well as the message you would like to include on the card before we ship it. We will hand write the card for you and send it to your bestie's house! 

One size fits most on flhair items. We will try our best to make sure we send the scrunchie of your choice, since we only have a few of each design, we will make sure to send something similar. You can let us know what colors or design you would like in the buyer comments. Examples include: Black, Clear, Neutrals, Coral, iridescent etc. If you do not provide details for your order, we will ship all items to your address provided at checkout with whatever colors we have on hand for the items.