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No need to wait two weeks to get these! Since we have been one of the first to make these (if not the original), we have our system perfected! The sooner the purchase the better but most orders will go out less than a week after purchased!!


In the drop down menu you will be able to select either 1 hair tie, 2 hair ties or 3 hair ties. Prices will reflect how much for each option. If you want to select one hair tie - you can choose what ever prints, glitters and solids you would like. If you choose two hair ties - you can choose a print and a solid or a glitter and a solid. If you choose three hair ties - you can choose a print, a solid and a glitter or two prints and a solid, or a glitter and two solids.

We have our color chart for hair ties here: https://emmaflhair.com/products/color-chart-for-flhair-tie-options-and-a-la-carte-ties-choose-from-500-colors-and-patterns
Please write what color hair ties you would like in the buyer comments. If you DO NOT write what color you would like in the buyer comments, I WILL SEND MY OWN ASSORTMENT OF HAIR TIES. I don't suggest leaving the buyer comments blank as a way to communicate you would like an assortment. We unfortunately do not have enough time with the orders coming in and going out to message back and forth trying to collect missing information on your order. DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR PREFERENCE DURING CHECKOUT IN BUYER COMMENTS.

We have a lot of designs we can do in the shop. You can select one we have in the shop by writing them in the BUYER COMMENTS during CHECKOUT - for example: The one in the main photo with the with "I Survived" or "To have and to hold your hair back" - etc.
We also can create something unique for you as well - message us with your design ideas - we would love to create something special.
You will also be able to select if you want the hair ties on natural cardstock or if you want them on white cardstock in the drop down menu before checking out.

Please add the quantity to your cart. When you are ready to checkout, PLEASE make sure to WRITE your hair tie color preference in the BUYER COMMENTS in the listing - The WORDING you would like (including the bride's name, dates, hashtags, location, etc) and the DESIGN you would like.
Make sure to REVIEW YOUR ADDRESS - we ship fast so if the address is wrong, this is the time to fix it. I can't be responsible for changing the order once it has been picked up by USPS.
- YOU WILL BE RECEIVING A PROOF - Please make sure you can access your convos we will be sending the proof in Etsy Convos - I do not EMAIL proofs. I need approval on the proof before I ship the product.

*****Some IMPORTANT Information on this listing:******

This listing is for three hair ties on one card.

I hand design and print these cards. They are made up of recycled cardstock.  

We ship first class shipping. From the USPS Website, First Class Shipping is normally 1-3 days. There may be some delays. I can't guarantee 100% it will be there by any specific date but I will try my best to get out the orders as quickly as I can.

If you need RUSH SHIPPING, you can purchase the priority shipping upgrade in our shop for a fee.

Most of our hair ties will arrive within 5-7 business days. If you are ordering during Bridal Season. Timing may change due to volume and I am a one woman show.

After reading this and if you have questions, please feel free to message me.