We noticed something missing on Instagram…

We have photos of hair ties, favors, our favorite things BUT one thing we need to show off is how to wear your flhair…

(side note): I wear mine all the time. It is my go-to for prolonging my blow outs, wearing on my wrist, toss my hair in a messy pony at the gym, headband for yoga times infinity!

Now on Mondays – my beautiful sister, Molly, and I get to do quick (seriously, like 5 minutes or less) hair tutorials – most of you following us @emmaflhair and checking out our instastories will see little tutorials on how to wear your flhair!

I am going to try and share the photos on here so you can try and add a little #mondaybunday flhair to your hair!


Halloween Space Buns Tutorial is belowwwww…. check it out! Want to see more? Holler at us in comments on what you would like to see or check the blog for more tutorials!

You will need two flhair ties and four bobby pins. Glitter if you want to sparkle up your part like we did above!0128f6b8f2b4686c8b97eeae1fe6b2563d1ebc7895

Part your hair evenly and tie the two sections towards the top like this…013f7d2965ac708912ecd16b9c3a176902b6051b00012632be4313ebf370122c17b0398cde1bad94341a

With one of the pony tails, split the hair evenly and tie a knot.



Continue knotting until you reached the ends. You will want to wrap the knots around the base of the pony and secure with bobby pins in an X pattern – feel free to use an extra hair tie if you need to secure the ends before pinning the bun.


So the one side will look like this, don’t try to make them perfect! I love that Molly’s hair has little spikes that stick out – it is so cute! She can totally look fabulous in any hair I do on her (insert older sister’s eye roll).


Here is the look for everyday or a little dressed up for Halloween you can grab your favorite craft glitters and use some pomade in the part I suggest glittering over a sink or tub because it gets EVERYWHERE!ย Warning: you will need a side part for a few days after wearing glitter in your part… just sayin’ it’s a bitch to get out!ย 

Totes worth it! Here’s the glittered part below in case you need to revisit the top pic…

Though it is Wednesday, I wanted to get this post up for you fine flhair fans and look forward to seeing you on Monday for our next tutorial on #MondayBunday over on Instagram@emmaflhair