I don’t normally grab for a donut. On my list of sweets, I rarely even contemplate those jelly filled, sugar glazed, doughy bites of fried heaven. Which is a shame really. Since I am a lover of all kinds of National Holidays, the #nationaldonutday was something I could contemplate participating in, I mean twist my arm, right?!

I ran over to the closest donut shop near my home (thank you Siri for the quick recommendation). I inhaled it, I mean visually speaking it was melting in my fingertips and I had to eat it quickly right? Now on my sugar high and carbo coma – I digitally created some fun phone backgrounds or printables for you to enjoy.

Again, please only use these for personal use. They are not to be used for distribution or business or commercial or whatever else I can think of at the moment – just personal use mmmmkkaaayyy? If you want your own digital work for business – email me – emma@emmaflhair.com and I would be happy to create something for you <3

XO – Emma