Saturday, July 5, 2014

Maybe it’s the area we live in but there’s something about Summer get-togethers, cracking a bottle of wine and snacking on a really good cheese plate.

You don’t have to spend $30 or more on cheeses, fruits and crackers to make a delicious appetizer. Just a few simple steps, a nice plate with some friends and you’re ready to go!

I like to start with cheeses. So my favorites are herb-infused cheeses, hard cheeses (they stay so well in the hot-hot heat) and a few softer (even spreadable cheeses that you can make out of cream cheese with some garlic and Walla Walla Sweet Onions – Delicious!).


My favorite places to purchase less expensive cheeses are grocery outlet (don’t judge). I have gotten amazing goat cheese, Dublinger, herbed fontina, havarti, and smoked Gouda – so good-ah! I use 1-3 cheeses depending on the size.

What pairs well with cheese and wine? Everybody… CRACKERS! Grab a few different sizes- I loved these with the bagel like look with sesame seeds. So pretty on the plate.


Some delicious-ness I always add to every plate and it is always a hit, hummus. Goes with crackers, cheese and with these…


I love adding some crunchy greens, sure they aren’t fresh but hell, if you’re watching calories you shouldn’t be eating this anyways. These are delicious and also found in the natural section. The plate needed some color some greens or even carrots to help bring color, as well as these…

My favorite part! You can use anywhere from dried apricot fruits, to grapes, to these pretty cherries. It adds a little something having the fresh fruit with the richer foods.


I like to add chocolate powder almonds from Blue Diamond or even lightly glazed cashews or peanuts. I opted out of them on this plate but it makes the plate pretty and the sharpness of the cheeses and the sweetness of the nuts balance each other out.

There you go! You can be the hostess with the mostest and a budget-ista.

What are some of your favorites to put on cheeseplates?