Monday, October 12, 2015
DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Votives

I love me a good Dollar Store Project! I find all kinds of unique (and sometimes trashy) items to turn into pretty things! I started the whole t-shirt headband thing on Etsy that way buying the rag rugs from- you guessed it- the dollar store.

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Votives1

I purchased these two votives at Dollar Tree and they had White or Black available. Black is cool but the white needed to be update. Plus they had to be re-shaped again but seriously a little gold metallic spray and a few bends here and there and they look like the Target ones for $11 each!

DIY Dollar Store Bohemian Votives2

I purchased Rust-Oleum for $3.96 at Walmart (I have had mine for a long time) and used newspaper. I gave it a light coat on outside and inside. It took 5 minutes with drying time and now I have pretty little votives to place tea lights in and provide pretty patterns on my wall.

My total for this project was $2.18 – super inexpensive and very pretty. These can easily be gifted but I will keep these for myself. I hope you enjoyed the DIY!

Other uses for these are Q-tip storage, cotton ball storage, make-up brush holders, pony tail and hair accessory holders, markers and pencil holders and more!