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The Softest Ties – NYLON TIES

These bad boys might be the buttery-est (not a real word but you know what I am talking about), softest ties we have ever made. It has been about 2 years since we made our first nylon ties and I am absolutely tickled pink that they are catching on… everywhere! I always am looking for […]

5-Minute Hair with Flhair – Featuring Bejeweled Headband and Hair Tie

Friday, January 23, 2015 Whether you slept in late, forgot an appointment or want to look public appropriate in a hurry, we have a quick-pictorial on how we rock the 5 Minute Hair with Flhair! What you will need: A. Bejeweled Headband B. Teasing Comb C. Hair Tie D. Hairspray or bobby pins (optional) 1. […]